“An old idea brought to life…”

Back in the days…I’m talking about 1996…when everything was much simpler and nicer.
I started to work with IT services, customer support and different hardware solutions. My first real job was at a local hardware import business. They had 1000’s of different products ranging from cables in all sizes to custom build server units. Back then everything was mounted by hand and tested (in-house). So we had a lot of funny issues with the build quality from vendors all over the world (mainly Taiwan).

After a few years I discovered the Internet and the many possibilities already availible back then, like my first email account (WOOW!), netbanking, search engines, music (MP3’s), pictures (GIF’s) and movies (old school .mov’s and .avi’s).
The sky had no limits, with an ISDN connection(128Kbit up/down) and my Intel Pentium II PC running Windows 98SE. I was “armed” and ready to make/develope my very first webdesigns in classic HTML, bits of JavaScripting and a heavy use of GIF animations, using Microsoft’s Frontpage(1997-2003). Not the “perfect” setup, but close enough.

Short after Frontpage was released I discovered Macromedia’s Dreamweaver (released dec. 1997). I still remembers it’s feature “clean up Frontpage HTML”. So the poorly MS written HTML would be transformed into world-class nicely coded HTML (ver. 4.0 or 4.01). After messing around with Dreamweaver for a while, server-side programming languages like PHP(in 1995) and ASP(in 2002) came along. I adopted some of the PHP language and slowly build a couple more websites (mainly for private use). See portfolio.

Then I moved out from home in 2003 and away from my birthtown. I moved to Amager (Copenhagen, the BIG city). Which was a huge step in history for mankind, also computer wise (early 2000). So without a job, I build a couple of more websites and continued “my developement” in webdesign. Shortly after my move, I got a job as service agent at AVIS Rent-a-car. Due to the aftermath of the Dot-com era/bubble in Denmark. But I kept on developing some of my website features (now discontinued on BloBBie.dk).

As the years went by, I neglected my webdesigns and “career”.
I had a short “flash-back” in 2007, where I left my job to start on my own and with no real experience I built one small CMS system for an ex-colleague. All in HTML, combined with my own PHP and MySQL features. So she could manage the website without my interference. CMS (Content Management) systems like WordPress was availible, but not widespread in Denmark at that moment in time (in 2007-2008).

10 years later, a lot wiser and with new ideas…I’M BACK.
In the webdesign business, building a new career path. Now with all new features like HTML5, CSS3, responsive one-page designs, a massive use of new graphic features and design possibilities. No one!!! back in 1996 would have thought was possible.

Check out my old portfolio: link

Use the “Wayback Machine” to check your own site: link

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